The Surprising Secrets Famous Faces Reveal about Human Nature

Human nature can be fascinating or frustrating, or sometimes both at the same time. Nobody knows better how to explore the intricacies of how people behave in a lively, unique manner than Dan Hill, the author of Famous Faces Decoded: A Guidebook for Reading Others. Yes, more than half of all new hires fail within 18 months. And many a personal relationship soon hits the skids as well, leaving people wondering: what didn’t I see at first that I could and should have? While there’s no one, reliable way to spot somebody lying, there are ways to read the personalities you encounter at work and in your personal life. Work smarter, live better, and make your TV, movie, and internet video watching more interesting by getting a few tips on reading the faces and feelings of others.

Celebrity examples make this speech fun, memorable and relatable. Famous faces from Hollywood, music, sports, business, politics, and more, come from the past 50 years of American culture. Rarely can you be so entertained while also learning something imminently helpful!

Insights and highlights include:

  • Why are we more like Homer Simpson from The Simpsons than Mr. Spock from Star Trek? Learning what breakthroughs in brain science from the 1990’s to today have revealed about human nature and how we make decisions.
  • What are all the ways that emotions permeate our life? You’ll be amazed by what behavioral economics has unearthed.
  • What are the seven core emotions? And what do they mean, and how do people show them? How do people typically behave as a result of feeling them?
  • Per emotion, from a study involving 173 celebrities who scores highest and lowest across the seven core emotions? How do those results match and reveal their life stories?
  • How often do most people lie, and what “tells” give you the best odds of detecting a liar?