Change Is Personal: The Secrets to Transforming Your Organization More Successfully

Most mergers, acquisitions and major reorganization plans rarely meet their objectives. It’s been estimated that 70% of these transformational efforts largely fail, with declines in work productivity at levels reaching 75% during the transitions involved. That dismal track record isn’t a surprise. Studies have found that only 25% of us willingly accept change, so motivating and engaging employees emotionally, as people—not merely as talent or “human capital”—becomes the key.

In this provocative, practical, and entertaining presentation, Dan Hill, the author of Emotionomics, draws on insights available from psychology and neurobiology as well as his 20 years of experience as a research consultant for Fortune 500 companies. With unique research findings available from proprietary facial coding studies that capture and quantify emotional responses, Hill helps you know how best to get and keep workers engaged and improve an organization’s workplace dynamics.

What you’ll learn:

  • The 7 reasons for emotional resistance to change, and how you can best combat toxic resistance by rallying key managers and influential rank-and-file workers more effectively.
  • The 4 types of employee groups that emerge during a transition, and a plan of action for identifying each group’s motivations in order to resolve their concerns—and yours.
  • How to ensure the retention of your best workers by building trust and leveraging not only the official channels of communication, but also the inevitable grapevine.
  • Context matters. Which of the 7 types of corporate culture does your organization exhibit, and how can you strengthen your current profile to ensure momentum?
  • When crafting and communicating the rationale for change, you can choose compelling or bureaucratic/legalese explanations— so make sure you recognize the difference, instilling pride instead of indifference.