Waste Not, Want Not: A Method for Reading Your Prospects More Reliably

As every good salesperson knows, what’s worse than not getting the sale? A prospect who lacks either the ability or willingness to pay, and wastes your time and efforts. Who will buy? Who won’t, and how might you turn the situation around are the perennial questions. While a veteran salesperson will have developed some instincts, there’s nothing like a methodology built on the maxim that actions-speak-louder-than-words as a way to lift your game. On people’s faces emerge the clues that will make you more effective, providing a spontaneous feed-back loop that you can use to create momentum in a sales meeting while tackling objections that are always shown but not always expressed.

A certified facial coder and the author of Famous Faces Decoded: A Guidebook for Reading Others, Dan Hill stands alone as the one qualified person who’s been in a salesperson’s shoes himself and can speak to what it takes to close a deal. From his own experiences as well as having run research studies for major pharmaceutical and financial companies, Hill knows what connects or puts off the target market, and has statistical proof to share. Whether it comes from a keynote speech or 1 to 2 day training workshop, you’ll learn:

  • How the facial coding methodology works, including the seven emotions it reveals in prospects and the 23 ways in which those emotions get expressed.
  • The direct link between motivation and emotions, bolstering their emotional literacy by discovering the small set of likely triggers per emotion and how you can deal with them to ensure they’re not “road bumps” on the way to making a sale.
  • Case studies of sales pitches, including when they prove memorable and impactful versus when they fall flat. You’ll receive guidelines for creating good pitches, both visually and verbally, in order to lift your odds of success.