Character Inspires Commitment: What 5 Unique Leadership Studies Newly Reveal

Honest input doesn’t always reach the corner office. The parable of “The Emperor’s New Clothes” highlights the risks of becoming an isolated leader. Filtered input limits the ability of leaders to grow in aptitude and performance. Fortunately, there’s a solution. Learn the personality traits and interactive, presentation skills of influential, winning leaders thanks to scientific research proprietary to Sensory Logic’s founder, Dan Hill.

Over the years, Hill has been an analyst of presidential politics for CNN, Fox, and Reuters, among other media outlets, and he’s had front-page coverage in The New York Times for his work in professional sports. Drawing on those and other experiences, Hill is now uniquely positioned to offer insights on how emotions and outcomes are intimately linked through what leaders’ facial expressions reveal.

During this talk, Hill will share:

  • What’s your competition like? Investors and employees alike inevitably make comparisons. Learn in an objective, scientific way the emotional characteristics of rival leaders within your sector, and how you might use those characteristics to your company’s advantage.
  • Great leaders inspire by projecting the image of a winner. A second benchmark study shows how NFL quarterback’s post-game press conferences correspond to their on-field, QB performance ratings.
  • Need to develop rapport and get people to follow you? Discover the secrets of what emotional displays do and don’t work based on what types of U.S. presidential debate performances have led to higher or lower post-debate voter surveys.
  • What kind of emotional climate should leaders create? U.S. presidents have been collectively judged by historians as more or less effective in office. Learn what emotive patterns lead down which path.
  • In negotiations, you can use your eyes to figure out where the other party is “coming from.” The 5th and last benchmark study details the characteristic “tells” of the Shark Tank cast members as they prepare to bid (or not)  while listening to an entrepreneur’s pitch.