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How true the observation that “At its heart, business is a human endeavor where . . . emotions are at least as much the currency of exchange, satisfaction, and loyalty as dollars.” Nobody is better suited to help audiences understand and benefit from the interplay between the two currencies of dollars and emotions than Dan Hill.  For 20 years, he’s captured and quantified emotions scientifically using the facial coding tool made famous by Malcolm Gladwell’s bestseller Blink, Fox’s primetime hit TV series Lie to Me, and Pixar’s critically-acclaimed movie Inside Out

Learn how Dan’s Fortune 500 clients and other audiences have benefitted by experiencing for yourself the success he’s enjoyed as a speaker in over 20 countries. Dan uniquely covers the bases: from leadership, to sales, customers, and employees. Besides offering an entertainment option that makes light of human nature while providing behavioral insights, customized speeches, workshops, and consulting advice are also available on request.

Dan Hill is an internationally recognized authority on the role of emotions in determining success in business, politics, sports, and popular culture.

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