The hottest new field in emotional intelligence (EQ) involves reading and navigating the personalities we encounter both at work and in our private life. What are the characteristic emotions on display, and the motivations underlying them? Using a database of 173 celebrities from Hollywood, music, sports, media, politics, and the business world, this book reveals that people’s usual accuracy rate for detecting the emotions of others hovers in merely the 50% range. How to get it higher? By learning the secret sauce of how 23 facial muscle movements relate to seven core emotions. Along with illustrative photographs, Famous Faces Decoded is full of lively stories about stars you know, or think you know, drawn from the past 75 years of American culture. This unique book has been endorsed by everyone from EQ co-founder John D. Mayer, to basketball coach Tubby Smith, CNN commentator Jeanne Moos, and best-selling business authors Daniel Pink and Jon Gordon.

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 “Dan Hill offers fascinating insights into the mind, heart, strengths and weaknesses of all manner of famous people: in politics, Hollywood, and for people like me, Center Court at Wimbledon. His work is illuminating, and you should know that as I write this, I’m smiling.”

Mary Carillo, Tennis Channel, NBC Sports, HBO Sports

“A lively and creative, non-academic—but highly-informed and knowledgeable—discussion of how to read faces that many of us could learn a lot from—so long as we remember that no approach to reading people is perfect.”

John D. Mayer, author of Personal Intelligence

“This is an extremely fascinating book in assessing the personality and emotional intelligence of people by observing their facial cues. It makes a real contribution to our understanding of human behavior and is a great read.”

Professor Sir Cary Cooper, ALLIANCE Manchester Business School, University of Manchester, England

“This book is a must-read—and must-absorb!—for all those who embrace the Experience Economy. It will enable you to truly understand what your customers feel throughout your experience, enabling frontline workers as well as managers to more personally engage guests and enhance the emotional experience you design, create, and stage.”

B. Joseph Pine II, coauthor of The Experience Economy

Famous Faces Decoded will light your path to decoding facial expressions and separating fact from fiction. Steeped in Hill’s wry humor and unabashed candor, this book will quickly become your secret weapon!”

David Perry, author of Executive Recruiting for Dummies

“I don’t think anyone could find a person who has greater insight in evaluating experts’ sincerity and potential jurors than Dan Hill. To obtain objective insights into feelings is priceless."

Thomas V. Girardi, Trial Lawyer Hall of Fame inductee and lead attorney in the Erin Brokovich case

“This is terrific! By using real people to react to well-known celebrity faces, Hill brings solid scientific insight to the living room reading table. Read for fun, while learning insights for every-day use."

Charles H. Green, Coauthor of The Trusted Advisor