As the legendary banker J. P. Morgan observed, “A man makes a decision for two reasons—the good reason and the real reason.” Logic rarely wins out over emotions. For 20 years now, Dan Hill has been contributing to the hot new fields of behavioral economics and emotional intelligence (EQ) by exploring J. P. Morgan’s insight in innovative, yet practical terms. His books have addressed topics ranging from business to American history and popular culture, while always making human nature his true, underlying subject matter.

Books by Dan Hill

Famous Faces Decoded

Sensory Logic, Inc.

Releases Sept. 12, 2018

Decoding Faces

Sensory Logic, Inc.

Releases Sept. 12, 2018


Sensory Logic, Inc.

Re-releases Sept. 12, 2018

Fully restored color version


On-Emotion: Salvaging Market Research

Beavers Pond Press, 2014.

About Face

Kogan Page, 2010.



Kogan Page, 2008.


Face Time

Beavers Pond Press, 2008.

Body of Truth

Wiley, 2003.


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