Draft Position Emo Comparison


Let’s be honest: “mental toughness” is as much about emotional self-management as it is anything else. All major-conference college athletes as well as professional athletes have superior physical gifts. To get to a higher level of performance what they and the teams they may play for require is better EQ. 

In a "Moneyball" world, every General Manager and Head Coach is parsing the same data set. Where's the competitive advantage? It lies in finally capturing and quantifying not just the physical attributes like height, weight and speed, but also the otherwise intangible essential: the heart of a champion. Great athletes are motivated, resilient and coachable - traits rooted in a player's emotional DNA. With facial coding, it becomes possible to grasp who a player really is - over and above the often canned responses given by athletes in sit-down interviews.

Whether in pre-draft interviews, during trial work-outs or to aid in a player's emotional development once selected for a team, facial coding can provide crucial guidance. Don't get caught drafting or trading for a player whose physical skills overshadow character issues that will derail your championship drive.