• Emotive Leadership - Investigate ways in which executives can give more powerful presentations and gain a competitive advantage in negotiations based on facial coding and the leveraging of emotional intelligence in general. Provide senior management with insights about how transformative change management works best given the latest findings from neurobiology.
  • Emotive Selling - Learn how to create enhanced rapport with prospects through knowledge of facial coding, body language, and the application of emotional intelligence. Specifics include: reading the personality traits of your prospects in order to align better with them, how behavioral economics predicts the patterns of prospect's evaluation process, and guidelines for how to make your sales presentations more engaging and persuasive.
  • Emotive Marketing - This seminar draws on Sensory Logic's decade-long track record in gauging the sensory (eye tracking) and emotional (facial coding) responses of consumers to a wide variety of advertising. A worldwide range of examples will be shared, organized around our "Top 10 Rules for Engaging, Effective Advertising."