Market Research

Sensory Logic pioneered the use of facial coding in market research to capture and quantify emotional responses, and remains the tool’s foremost quality provider of services. Until the nascent automation of facial coding achieves higher levels of accuracy – our current estimate from comparative studies is in a likely range of accuracy from 40-50% at best, depending on the software provider versus 90% for our human coders – we continue to implement manual coding.

Fielding Options

Besides greater accuracy, manual coding enables revealing micro-expressions plus emoting that occurs during speech. Common applications for our coding work include both exposure to stimuli and during verbal responses (e.g., focus groups and individual interviews). Streaming video and virtual discussion sessions facilitate real-time coding with a same-day feedback loop for clients. Sensory Logic routinely works with a client’s preferred vendor as a subcontracting partner, and is highly flexible as to the format (online quantitative surveys, qualitative IDI’s) and degree of involvement per project. Mobile device-recorded video represents the next frontier in Sensory Logic’s cutting-edge methodology. 


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