USA Today CEO Comparison

 Private equity firms and venture capitalists don’t like to take foolish chances, and why should they? Beyond market share, price points, operational logistics and other such business variables there exists one other key variable harder to get a handle on readily:  the quality of the senior management team. Will they prove to be truly committed, flexible, persistent and honest? Will they have the EQ to get the most out of their employees? Will they prove to be good team players, who are receptive to incorporating sound advice? Sensory Logic has facially coded Fortune 500 CEO’s and entrepreneurs alike to develop an emotional profile of those who succeed versus those who flail or are eventually revealed to be unscrupulous. As George Orwell writes, by the age of 50 a man has the face he deserves. Signature facial expressions as well as tell-tale moments from videotaped or observed interviews of a senior management team provide Sensory Logic with the means of assessing character. Actions really do speak louder than words, and our rigorous due diligence process of decoding people captures insights to what people otherwise won’t or can’t (consciously) say.