Facial Coding

Scientific Premise

Breakthroughs in brain science have confirmed what we all instinctively knew: people are primarily emotional decision-makers, who evaluate matters quickly and intuitively, and communicate their truest responses non-verbally. Loyalty? Recall? Persuasion? Those key business barometers are all emotionally-driven. Fortunately, Sensory Logic has the scientific means to gauge whether your company is on-message as well as - more importantly - on-emotion in communicating with consumers, employees and other key audiences. Facial coding was originated by Charles Darwin, refined by Dr. Paul Ekman, and brought into daily business practice by Sensory Logic. Facial Coding enjoys three major advantages:

  • Universality - expressions aren't socialized, they're "hardwired" into our brains; as a result, even a person born blind has the same facial expressions as you or I and children as young as 1 1/2 years-of-age already exhibit all the core emotions
  • Spontaneity - the face is the only place in the body where the muscles attach directly to the skin, resulting in real-time data that can't be faked or masked
  • Abundance - human beings have more facial muscles than any other species on the planet, ensuring a wealth of information

Facial Coding Demonstrated