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How true the observation that “At its heart, business is a human endeavor where . . . emotions are at least as much the currency of exchange, satisfaction, and loyalty as dollars.” Nobody is better suited to help audiences understand and benefit from the interplay between the two currencies of dollars and emotions than Dan Hill.  For 20 years, he’s captured and quantified emotions scientifically using the facial coding tool made famous by Malcolm Gladwell’s bestseller Blink, Fox’s primetime hit TV series Lie to Me, and Pixar’s critically-acclaimed movie Inside Out

Learn how Dan's Fortune 500 clients and others have benefitted by experiencing his success as a speaker in over 20 countries on the following four topics: a general, introductory keynote, and three application-specific addresses.  Customized speeches, workshops and consulting advice are also available on request.

General, Introductory Keynote

Faces: Small Tells That Reveal Big Truths about Others

“By the age of 50, a man has the face he deserves,” George Orwell correctly surmised. Recurrent facial expressions reveal a person’s character over time. In this both entertaining and insightful presentation, learn from examples that span generations of Hollywood, music, media and sports stars. Then throw in for extra good measure the casts of famous TV shows, painting portraits, cartoon characters, criminals, and even notable car “faces.” For anybody who wants to improve their people skills and boost their emotional intelligence, here’s your chance to better understand human psychology and the eternal emotional differences between men and women. The guarantee: You will never watch people on TV or size up somebody on a date the same way again

Three Application-Specific Addresses

The Secrets of Effective Leadership

Nobody has a more unique, powerful database to draw on in detecting the characteristics that enable leaders to be successful. Studies of prominent CEO’s and entrepreneurs, U.S. presidents and contenders, foreign leaders (past and present), and NFL quarterbacks provide a wealth of comparison points. Learnings include:

  • What types of emotional displays are the most persuasive (based on coding of all presidential debates from 1960 to present) and linking the results to post-debate poll bounces and dips.
  • What “winners” convey in press conferences (NFL quarterback study linked to on-field success).
  • What your emotional style implies for company culture and brand equity (studies of foreign leaders and select CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies).

The Top 10 Tips for Effective Advertising

Studies of advertising for over 50% of the world’s top 100 B2C companies have identified what works and doesn’t work in seeking to engage customers. Want ROI? This quick-paced, witty and extremely practical presentation provides a playbook for marketers and advertising agencies to attract eyeballs, hearts, and pocketbooks alike. Based on eyetracking and facial coding results, these tips cover:

  • Timing is everything – when during a TV spot or online video is there the most opportunity and great vulnerability to losing the viewer’s engagement?
  • Being on-message is fine, but... being on-emotion is even more important to persuading the target market.  Learn by examples of hits and misses.
  • What draws the eye, but not the heart - and also vice versa?  Breaking through the clutter gets easier once you know how awareness differs from attention.

Who's Across the Table?

Whether you’re in sales or a (HR) manager trying to hire well, relying on what people say alone isn’t going to secure your future. Too often lip-service answers hide the truth of whether prospects are really interested (and if not, what are the speed bumps that are hindering their interest?) or if job candidates are as enthusiastic and reliable as you need them to be. In this presentation, discover:

  • The ways the face reveals each of the seven core emotions of happiness, surprise, anger, fear, sadness, disgust and contempt.
  • The implications of these seven emotions for somebody’s decision-making and behavioral patterns, given the links between character traits and emotions.
  • When you detect these seven emotions in others, how can you best handle the situation to get the outcome you need.


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"I thought that you would be interested to have the feedback from delegates on your session. They rated the content at 93% and your style at 99% - obviously making you the star of the show!"

- Conference Director, Redhill, United Kingdom

"Once again, many thanks for your inspired presentation at our event, you were quite literally the star of the show! The buzz was truly excellent."

- Business Development Director, Omnicom Media Group, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

"The presentation of Dan Hill kept me on positive alert from the first word until the final closing. It was not only the invaluable information but also the way he was “drawing” on the stage and transferring the messages into our minds. Great experience. I wish I could meet him again!”

- Commercial Sales & Marketing Manager, Ergonomia, Greece



“For two consecutive years, Dan Hill has been one of the top-rated speakers at our Innovation and Marketing Summit. His energy, insights and content thoroughly engage, entertain and enlighten our audience. He once again knocked the cover off the ball with attendee evaluations from the Summit. He’s a legit rock star.”

- President, Store Brands Decisions

"I have been going to conferences for over 25 years now, and this was one of the very best speeches I’ve ever seen—both in content and the delivery of it.”

- President, Extreme Reach, Inc.

Your presentation was STELLAR! The feedback from the survey has you scoring as ‘excellent,’ which is the highest score! It was a fantastic experience for our attendees.”

- Conference Director, iMedia Summits


Private Corporate Events

“I cannot remember the last time I enjoyed a presentation so much, Dan. Thank you. We have had great feedback from everyone in the room (even the guys running the sound and lights told me they were gripped from start to finish!) but as well as educating and entertaining us – the Legal Sea Foods radio commercial was a particular highlight!), you also made a cast-iron case for the VALUE of empathy and emotional insight. I am going to rush out and get myself a copy of Emotionomics! Thanks so much.”

- Marketing Director, Oracle

Thank you again for the wonderful presentation. You were a big hit! Everyone has been raving about the insights you brought to our marketing teams.”

- Sr. Manager, Astra-Zeneca

We recently had the pleasure of having Dan Hill speak to our management team. Dan is a true professional. His content is both interesting and entertaining, and he adjusts it as necessary to meet the needs of his audience (he included some very specific NY references for our Long Island team). We ended up with some time challenges on the day of Dan’s presentation, and Dan adjusted his presentation minutes before going on to help us stay on schedule. He did all of this with a smile and great attitude. Dan would be, in my opinion, a great addition to any meeting or conference.”

- Director of Administration, Henry Schein



"Dan Hill is an amazing presenter. His research and insights into how to use emotional intelligence to guide human behavior are unparalleled. His presentation turned out to be one of our most popular luncheons this year. The feedback has been so positive that we have people asking when we will be bringing him back again."

- President of Advertising Federation, Columbus, Ohio

"Great job today—I don’t remember that group [our executive board] ever applauding after a presentation. The meeting was an A+."

- Director, LIMRA

"Dan Hill’s presentation at our annual convention was a highlight of the program. The 500 business people in attendance rated Dan’s presentation as one of the freshest and highest value presentations they had seen in years. He is a true professional and whether he speaks in a breakout room of 80 or a convention hall of a thousand, the crowd will go away satisfied."

- President, Association of Business & Industry (Des Moines, IA)


Academia / Non-Profits

"What a great event this morning – I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the topic and will be purchasing Dan's books to share with my staff here. I could've listened to Dan's subject material all day – fascinating stuff."

- Director, Sales & Marketing, Events & Conference Services, American Museum of Natural History, New York

"What a fun lecture last night! The students *loved* it. They found what you had to say so helpful. You say it better, funnier, and with more credibility than I could, and for that I am truly grateful."

- Professor, Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota

"Your presentation last evening was not only interesting but thought-provoking, humorous, and enlightening. The many questions that followed your talk showed how “into” your topic the audience was."

- Social Chair, Reserve Club (Palm Springs, CA)

"Thank YOU for making this happen yesterday. The audience loved you. I keep getting emails and text messages stating how much attendees enjoyed the event!"

- Program Director, Ivy League Alumni Club

"Your energy and enthusiasm – combined with the quality of your content – was amazing. It made my job of listening to you VERY easy."

- Director, BCIT Foundation